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"I had the parents complete a survey about the satisfaction of the class and instructor.  Mr. Boyd received high marks and many many comments about being the instructor for next year if possible.  The parents really want him back next year. Hopefully we would be able to start sooner next year. Look around September for the class to start since we have a better idea of what to do. I will keep in touch."

Delilah St.Julian
CASE Program Coordinator
Raymond Academy for Engineering

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For Schools

We at FSLS would like to thank you for trusting FSLS with your language classes, GED (in Spanish/English ), computer (in Spanish/English).  We've expanded our services to better be of service to you, 7 days a week. 


1. Customized Language Classes, ( French,  ESL, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc ) 7 days/week. 60 languages.

2. English Classes, all levels

3. GED (Spanish and English)


5. Zumba Classes

6. Classes for Children, Teenagers, Parents and Teachers

7. Tutoring for all School Subjects

8. Computer Classes ( Spanish and English )

9. Saturday / Sunday Classes Available 

Our methodology
Our own methodology for language classes, Speak Now,  is based on  the  way  the child's brain  works  (at different stages) and the adult brain works. By using this knowledge, we choose the right techniques to help the brain retain better and learn more effectively. Read more about SpeakNow

We use an array of visual aids and a variety of listening/comprehension resources and tools to make sure both sides of the brain are stimulated at all times, this way the learning process is more effective and students retain and remember better, thus making the classes so much fun.

 Our classes are fun and practical.  Generally speaking, in children’s classes we learn to speak through games, music, dance and a variety of techniques. We only learn the vocabulary and the grammar needed to support the conversations that we are working on; we learn faster this way.

 With toddlers we play, sing songs and learn vocabulary, phrases and little conversations.  We make it fun fun fun :-). With older kids we use more tools and a vast variety of activities such as listening to stories and talking about them, reading, some writing ( little though) because we want to concentrate on the most important skill: CONVERSING.


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Speak Now, our propietary teaching method

Kids Language Classes

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