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I wanted to personally thank you for your detailed involvement with our language courses (Spanish). I cannot speak highly enough about  your courses and our instructor – Cristina Salazar.  She personally brought our classes to life with her knowledge of both the language and the culture.  Our classes were interactive, exciting and fun; which promoted quick learning for students at all levels. I would recommend your classes and Cristina to anyone looking to learn Spanish.  I also look forward to continuing our education with follow-up classes with your firm and Cristina.

Chris Tennant
Team Leader – Trading

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Language Classes

Speak Now! ¡Habla Ya!

Laugh and learn. Facing a family relocation to Dubai? Building an important client relationship in Mexico, or expanding your personal travel horizons? We make it easy for you to make every special international event a memorable one.
Discover how our exclusive SpeakNowSM system immerses you in the language of success for your business, travel, or any type of personal interaction.

Our Proprietary Teaching Method

Don't pay a lot for some mass-market language training program that expects you to digest language mechanics! Choose SpeakNow and you'll be "taking care of business" and enjoying conversations in almost any language . . . in no time!

Conversational, Fun, Practically Oriented, Total Interactive Approach

Our unique approach combines the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science--how the brain works for children and adults--with proven classroom achievements, to make sure your brain retains everything so you can learn more effectively.

With the help of a creative array of visual aids and listening/comprehension resources and tools, we make it our business to keep both sides of the brain stimulated at all times. This brings you a more effective and pleasurable learning experience, and superior retention.

Having a fun learning experience has the same effect on students of any age or background. It motivates you to learn more and greet the unknown with new enthusiasm. Our fun yet practical classes feature:


1. A conversational, interactive, hands-on approach.
2. Correct, up-to-date grammar and vocabulary, presented in conversational contexts for easier retention.
3. Student-centered classes designed with your success in mind so you learn what you need and prefer to learn.
4. Stimulating visual and hearing aids: posters, music, CD's, etc.


Our Guarantee

You will be prepared to begin speaking your new language from the very first class, in a program designed to accelerate your proficiency by focusing on the practical aspects of communication in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are seasoned experts, skilled in reading and writing as well as high-level proficiency. Most are native speakers, with  cross-cultural work experience that adds extra value to their language instruction. Building on their expertise in our revolutionary SpeakNow language teaching system, they are prepared to make your language learning a dynamic, successful experience.

  How fluent will you need to be?
All classes are designed with your short- and long-term objectives in mind.  First, decide your level of fluency:


Able to satisfy simple needs such as ordering meals, shopping, and making polite conversation.

Able to ask and answer simple questions about your family and job, and explain your daily routine.
Able to express yourself correctly in the present and future tenses.

Unable to make sure you can be understood without lots of attention to pronunciation.

To improve listening skills, you need videos and other listening comprehension activities.

Able to read most street signs, names and isolated words and phrases.

Are generally familiar with the culture, but need to know more about how to get around.



Able to cope with more complex life skills, and can participate in casual conversations about current events and general professional issues.

Able to handle limited work communications, but no complex social situations.

Able to make and sustain friends without regularly facing major language barriers.

Familiar with professional/business terminology, for good general comprehension in your workplace.

Still make some mistakes in pronunciation, but your accent is intelligible and clear.

More cultural awareness helps you feel at ease in the native culture, or in meetings with a native colleague. Able to recognize and discuss cultural stereotypes.

Ready for more in-depth study of special countries with more reading, and more extensive audiovisual and written materials.
Prepared to communicate with native speakers invited to discuss their countries, traditions, ways of doing business, climate, people etc..

Able to join in field trips (share tapas and paella to enhance your studies in Spanish, for example).  Discover menu vocabulary and interact with native service personnel, in their language.


Able to speak naturally and fairly easily, and follow 70% of most conversations. Proficient in the use of common idiomatic expressions.
Confident in casual social settings, making few grammatical or word-choice errors serious enough to disturb a native speaker.
Able to discuss familiar subjects and technical or business topics with relative ease. Also able to handle routine communication issues as they arise in meetings, business proposal or technical presentations, etc.
Able to read standard newspaper articles, reports and other relevant materials, at home or at work; also can understand most of the country's TV broadcasts.
Culturally aware in both social and business settings, so productive relationships may be established and maintained.
Able to take full advantage of FSLS field trips that feature challenging extra practice and exposure to all of a country's attractions and characteristics.
Able to write persuasive business letters, and some reports.
Become conversant with the native literature (particularly poetry, songs and short stories), if it is relevant to you.


  Certified by Women's Business Enterprise National Council Certified by Houston ISD Houston Minority Business Council

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