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"I wanted to thank you and to pass on our thanks to Terri for all of   the wonderful work that she did with Bas. As you know, he now has a   space within our EAL program here at the British School, but we were very impressed with the progress he has made.  Bas and his parents had so many fantastic things to say about Terri and they are sure to provide a sound recommendation for FSLS to other families, as will we. We have pupils with little language   skills coming to us quite a lot and we are confident that we will be   working with you in the near future.  Many thanks,"
Gemma Robson
Learning Support Coordinator
British School of Houston


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Language Classes> Children

Special Classes for Children and Families
The importance of early language training for children in terms of their long-term
academic success is well documented. We apply the same dynamic SpeakNow
principles to teaching children languages in classrooms, in neighborhood groups,
individually and with their families. Classes can be arranged in your location or ours.
The most ordinary times during the day can be special times when you share them
with your family. You and your children can learn a new language and about the
customs of other cultures together.  Classes can be held at your home or our offices.
Private and semi-private classes or small group classes.

Partial list of languages

English Spanish Portuguese
French Arabic Chinese
Sign Language Japanese Italian
Russian Dutch German


How soon should you start up a foreign language program for your child/ children? 
The ideal time to start Multilingualism is even before the baby is born, so the
earlier the better.

Will my child get confused if he learns a foreign language while he is
developing his/her first?

Did you know that a 2 year old actually has 50 % more brain synapses than an
adult?  They are totally ready to learn a foreign language. Children are "sponges"
and infants are more receptive than adults to sound perception.

How is a child's brain different from an adult's? 
Children's brains are “flexible": they have an incredible ability to rewire themselves
to adapt to new experiences.

What do we do in the classes? 
We talk, play, read and Have Lots of Fun!! We immerse them in a very interactive,
enriching and playful program. 

How soon should we start up a second language program for our baby?
-In subsequent development, the baby extracts and categorizes the sounds and
begins babbling; the connection between sound and meaning soon follows.

- Although all babies are born with the innate ability to learn language, they must
hear millions of words to actually develop this trait.

- Understanding a word and then producing one seems to be universal at about five

Is it a good idea to teach little ones more than one second language at
a time?

-Parents seem to agree that processing two or more languages simultaneously
takes three to six months longer.

-It is worth remembering that any delay in second / third language acquisition
disapperas at around 4 years of age.

Why do little ones have such an easy time learning languages at such an
early age?

-The child synapses peak before the age of two.

-Almost all neurons are formed in the utero and then move to their
respective destination.

-Throughout the first year the neural junctions (synapses) continue
to increase rapidly.

-A two year old child actually has fifty percent more synapses than an adult.

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