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"I would like to mention to you that I feel very happy of the results until today with the English classes that I have taken since last October. My communications skills are improving every day and I feel more confident and fluent nowadays than 6 months ago. Thank you so much for your support and help thru the excellent English teacher that you assigned to me for improving my communications skills."

Robinson Romero
Q.Facility Engineer
Bp Alaska

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Language Immersion and ESL Classes

Everyone knows that total immersion in a language is the fastest way to become truly fluent. We offer Language Immersion classes in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. We also offer English as a Second Language in many countries worldwide, through our extensive network of professional language consultants.

Partial list of languages

English Accent Reduction Classes Spanish
Portuguese French Arabic
Chinese Sign Language Japanese
Italian Russian Dutch

Accent Reduction and Recognition

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, clear communication is the key to success. Our accent reduction and recognition courses can significantly improve your business and personal interactions.

Expatriate and Inpatriate Services

A family’s role in the success of an international assignment is well documented. We provide language and cultural awareness training designed to meet the specific needs of each family. Each program is highly customized so each family member can spend the time they need on each subject. Our native-speaking teachers, trained to teach in the corporate environment, are also expert at tailoring language training to varying ages and skill levels.

Complimentary Language Immersion Seminars

We will be happy to provide your group of 15 or more with a complimentary 45-minute seminar to begin speaking Spanish quickly. Participants will use our SpeakNow system to gain confidence and see how easy it is to learn a second language. Make your next meeting memorable with a SpeakNow guest speaker!

Programs for Inpats

Immersion Classes
English, Accent reduction, Presentation skills; also Immersion courses for: Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Italian, Sign Language, Dutch, Chinese, Vietnamese, Dari and others. Take them for up to 7 days a week on-site.

Schedule classes between 7am to 9pm at the client's office, home, or our office [or any combination]
- Field Trips can be organized for visits outside of the office to develop "hands on" experience in using their new knowledge of the English Language.
- Customized Immersion classes focus on the student's specific needs or reuirements
- We also can provide a pre-test and post-test to determine their progress.

English Classes: $50/hr
Materials' Fee: $80 to $100 determined by teacher's initial assessment of need

For  Spouses

-Our schedules are very flexible and can adjust to any client's schedule
work, parent responsibilities, school
-Classes are completely customizable
goal oriented lesson plans
Focus on a number of issues: accent reduction, grammar, usage, vocabulary, etc.
-Classes are held on-site
Teachers come to a student’s home
No driving to a school or different location
-We can train students from out of the country on a number of different areas of interest
driver's license test tutoring
TOEFL tutoring
scheduled field trips - grocery store, movie theatre, book store, bank, schools, etc.

English Classes are $ 50/hr for private lessons
Materials' Fee: $80 to $100 determined by teacher's initial assessment of need

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Speak Now, our propietary teaching method

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